Verus vina


We want to produce full flavoured, well balanced wines with an intense and clear varietal expression, which are true representatives of our winegrowing region and vintage. Every day, we invest all our energy, expertise and work into reaching this goal.

We believe that the quality of the wine depends exclusively on the quality of the grapes, which bring with them a wealth of substances into the wine cellar. It is then our job to strive to retain and capture as much as possible in the bottle using protective winemaking techniques.

We chose varieties that have been well-established here for centuries, are at home in our region and which we are sure can best take advantage of the natural features of their environment.


Furmint is our oldest variety. It was already around in Roman times and has been present in this region for over 1,000 years. It is completely at home in this region and occupies one fifth of all vineyards. The Slovenian name for Furmint, ‘šipon’, supposedly comes from the times of the Illyrian Provinces, when Napoleon’s soldiers, upon drinking the wine, exclaimed “c’est si bon” – which was interpreted as ‘šipon’ by the locals.

Furmint buds early and ripens late. It has the longest growth period which implies an excellent quality potential. Because it has large grapes it is of key importance for the quality that the crop on the vine is not too large. That is why the main, and most difficult, task is to maintain the correct load on the vines by thinning out the crop.

Verus Furmint is a wine with a uniquely gentle bouquet with hints of quince, pear, green apple, peach or lemon/lime. The wine has a full-bodied flavour with a pleasant freshness and ages very well.

November 2009 Decanter, Wine of the month - Verus Furmint 2008

»Forget your caffeine or energy-drink fix - if you're in search of a pick-me-up wine with great vitality and life, look no further. From an outfit barely two years old in Slovenia, this is a supremely tasty, sweetly fruited Furmint, with citrus zing and freshly picked apple notes from start to finish.«

July 2009 Steven Spurrier about Verus wines, London 28 July 2009

»They have great purity, they have great freshness, they have liveliness. They all are very nice versions of varieties, but the one I prefer is Furmint. It seems so home grown, it seems so happy in his place.«

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Verus Sauvignon

Sauvignon was introduced at the beginning of the 19th century and, in recent years, is justifiably becoming the leading variety in this region. Thanks to the sunny days and cold autumn nights, the conditions here are ideal.

For a good Sauvignon, it is important to have steady growth, thorough pruning, good lighting and aeration of the canopy. A healthy grape, a well-chosen harvest time and precise work in the cellar ensure the good expression of the variety’s qualities.

Verus Sauvignon comes from several vineyards, both old and young, on eastern, southern and western facing terrains. Therefore, by carefully selecting the time of harvest for each individual vineyard in each vintage, we can achieve the desired style of wine: the maximum intensity of the bouquet, an aroma of elderflowers, gooseberries, tropical fruit, nettles, capsicum, blackcurrant or cut grass. The wine is fresh, balanced and has a full-bodied flavour.

November 2009 Jancis Robinson, Financial Times, 28.11.2009 Verus Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2008:

»Lovely clean fruit – so pure and bumptious and attention grabbing! Like an explosion of ripe berries in the mouth. Great balance and zip. Talk about a summer wine.«

December 2009 Decanter, Wine of the month – Verus Sauvignon blanc 2008

»Slovenian Savignon Blanc now has a benchmark. Ticking all the necessary boxes, adding interest is a sprinkling of dried herbs and a pinch of white pepper. Flavours are largely tropical in nature, complemented by green apples and underscored by strong mineral notes. Very refreshing.«

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Verus Riesling

For numerous connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, it represents the king of white wines due to its quality, unique aroma and bouquet. It ripens late, requires the best sites, a good autumn, as well as very careful and meticulous winemaking technique.

It was introduced to our vineyards from the Rhineland in the beginning of the 19th century. It established its home here, and now, in addition to Furmint, can be found on the best sites. Verus’ vineyards, planted with Riesling, are over 30 years old. These old vines give smaller yields, but bear highly varietal, aromatic and rich wines.

While young, our Riesling has a fresh, fruity aroma reminiscent of the scent of white peaches and acacia flowers. With aging, the wine develops new, complex notes of honey, cinnamon or dried apricots.


»Although it’s dry(ish) it has a floral character I haven’t quite come across anywhere else. I’m wondering if it’s a special Slovenian strain of the variety that makes it especially charming. Or maybe it’s just the ripeness. It would make the perfect aperitif but would also be lovely with light food like a chicken or prawn salad.«

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Verus Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris was created from a Pinot Noir by a spontaneous mutation that was discovered in the vineyard of a German merchant called Ruland in the 18th century.

Pinot Gris grape skin gains a reddish colour when fully ripe. This in turn may show as a faint bronze tone in the otherwise white juice and wine. The wine itself has a pleasant bouquet in which the mild aromas of flowers and tropical fruit are intertwined.

August 2009 John Wilson, Irish Times – Wine of the Week 15 August 2009 – Verus Pinot Gris 2007

»This is one of the finest examples of Pinot Gris that I have tasted in quite a while – a wonderful fresh exotic nose with melons, grapefruit and ginger. Zhis palate is medium-bodied and intense, with a superb quality of fruit, balanced by excellent acidity. It may seem pricey, but is worth every cent. Great on its own, with salads or with richer fish dishes.«

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Verus Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the most widespread variety on the globe. It originates from France and was introduced to our regions in the 19th century. Here it was known as Burgunder or Morillon. As the growing conditions are similar to those in its homeland, it also became well-established here.

The wine is characterized by an alluring fruity bouquet that has hints of apple, pear, melon, pineapple, banana or citrus fruits; overripe fruit may develop notes of dried fruit and honey. A full-bodied and elegant flavour with finer natural balancing acidity than many new world versions thanks to our cooler climate and longer growing season.

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Verus Muskateller

Muskateller is considered to be the oldest variety, as Noah supposedly took it with him onto his ark. There is evidence to show that the Romans brought it from Asia Minor and Egypt to Europe. It is a very aromatic variety with well-developed primary bouquet substances in the grape itself.

It requires excellent sites, light, stony or sandy, airy soil. As it has large grapes and ripens quite late, it is necessary to take care not to overyield it and to choose the harvest date very precisely. It gives an incredibly aromatic and rich wine with a distinct bouquet of muscat table grapes and raisins as well as orange flowers and peel.

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Verus Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest varieties, having been described by the Roman writer, Pliny. It originates from Burgundy, where it is the most widespread red variety. It is also the basis for many prestigious Champagnes. It is a very demanding variety both to grow and to make well. It requires light, airy, well-drained soil in the best sites and the most meticulous approach from the winegrower.

In view of this, we decided to include the Pinot Noir as the only red variety in out palette of wines. We first planted it in 2009 in Ivanjkovci and then in Jeruzalem in 2012.

Verus’ first Pinot Noir is from 2011. Despite the young age of the vineyard, due to the low crop weight per vine and a good autumn, we were able to produce a beautiful ruby red wine with a bouquet reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries, cherries and redcurrant, followed by a full-bodied and mature flavour showing nuances of all these fruits.

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